Volle Maan Reading 4 november

Wat is het thema?

Your quiet observations of people and their habits lead to great testimonies of our way of living. There are few who see the details of our culture, art, language and lifestyle like you do. As you absorb all this information, know that you will be able to use it in ways that will be important for generations to come.
You may, for instance, write a book that describes this time and age so that its challenges are clearly understood by future readers. Or you may paint a portrait allowing people in other continents to sense the texture of our clothing materials and maybe laugh at the hairstyles in our culture.
You are a record keeper of this time and your work is important. 
Take your time when observing and gathering information. Later you will combine, compose and share this in innovative ways. Such is the way of the Story-teller.
Observe humanity as well as its culture and art. Tell future generations of our way of life.

Wat kan me hierbij ondersteunen?


You may feel you have waited endlessly, but the time has finally come for you to change the world!
This energy allows you to address issues so fundamental that no one ever thought of questioning them. It is time to shake up society’s habits and assumptions so that the path can be cleared for new and better ways.
As long as you are clear about your goals and methods, support will flow to your side. You will be helped with donations of time, money, energy and goodwill. The blocks you have encountered in the past will melt away.
Choose your cause well, ensuring it is for the Highest Good of All.
Apply your efforts to elevating your community’s views and take humanity to a new plane of consciousness.
The Universe supports your endeavours to bring about change on a large scale at this time. Use the opportunity well!
Influence the world and raise awareness using your fine and pure energies. Make a difference!

Wat kan ik beter vermijden?

With the crisp clarity of a frosty winter morning, the Ice Queen rules her kingdom. Her reign is based on logic, statistics and analysis.
There are no coincidences and no surprises, let alone miracles under her rule, for that she holds mental control too dear.
Today she comes to show that mental focus is draining your life of warmth. Logic can only get you so far in Life, and to work well, it needs to be balanced with feeling. Maybe you have stored away memories to avoid feeling their pain. Or you may be trying to protect yourself from getting hurt. 
At this time, your answer lies in allowing your feelings to flow through your body and your whole life. Be brave and dare to love yourself and others. Feel the enormity of your presence on this Earth. You will see that it is safe. Only then will you be complete.   
Word of the Day: DARE TO FEEL


Waar moet ik op letten en welke stap kan ik best zetten?


For many relationships, finances is one of the most difficult areas. Money is just energy in another form. How it is exchanged in a relationship doesn’t always feel well-balanced. One partner may feel frustrated about having to bring in most of the money. And the other, that their good efforts go unnoticed because thy are earning less.

-          What does money mean to you?

-          Can you willingly share what you have?

-          How does money correspond with unpaid work in your relationship such as fixing the car or looking after the kids?

This card now comes to say your relationship has an imbalance in its giving and taking. To correct it, stop worrying about what you can get. Instead ask yourself, What can I give to balance my relationship now?”

Know that your are not just giving to your partner, you are investing in your future and in your family.

Advise: Keep your energy flowing by asking “What can I give?” Be positive.


Life Mission Keys Daily Guidance Cards,Locks and Blocks Cards, Conscious Business Manager Cards en Clarity in Relationships deze kaarten zijn gecreeerd door Henriette Hackenberg 

Maanreading 19 oktober 2017



Let go of all your wants and needs. When we get caught up in how life should be, we forget to see how it is and to enjoy it.
Looking for the right way of doing things and constantly seeking solutions to what we see as problems, is extremely tiring. We then spend all our energy trying to change what is here right now. And the most difficult things in life are beyond our scope to change.

It is time to trust that whatever you are going through right now, Life is Happening According to Plan.
It may not be a plan we understand as humans, but you are being asked to trust that a higher power is at work right now. For you, your loved ones and the world as a whole.
Release your fear and ask for the highest good. Then trust that it is so.

Let your fears go. You are supported in more ways than you can imagine. Trust Life and yourself.

Wat kan je beter niet doen?


Always wondering what is around the next corner, the Nomad finds it difficult to sit still. The road calls out to him and the wind whispers soft promises of adventures to come. Only when he feels the hum of his chosen vehicle beneath him and sees the scenery softly moving by, does he feel a sense of peace in his body and soul. 
Today the Nomad has come to ask you to look at your sense of Home. Where do you belong and why?
If you are moving about a lot, are you running from something?
Are you seeking a dreamily undefined place you never find?
Being on the move gets tiring after a while. Carefully select an environment that attracts you and a tribe of people to join. Make yourself at Home in your own body and grow sturdy roots. Then your trips will provide adventure and not be an escape from your normal life.   

Words of the Day: GROW ROOTS

Hoe kan deze maan mij daarbij helpen?


Time for all that is new and different!
You may feel stuck in a rut, restless and rather bored. The good news is that life is one great adventure! All you need to do is open up to this exploring energy.
First take steps to release old energy, for instance by de-cluttering your house or energetically cleansing your aura. You need to let go of the old to make room for the new.
Then do something you have never done before. Sample new foods, change your routine or book a trip to a place you always dreamed of.
We often think we need to turn our whole lives upside down to get back the excitement. But change is more about your approach to life.
By welcoming a stream of small new things into your life, you will attract bigger changes too. Trust and enjoy your journey!

Venture into the World to experience its many sights. Sample its tastes and learn about its cultures.

Welke actie mag ik ondernemen?


As a generous person in a tough business world, you may have learnt not to give too much away for free. Maybe you have grown scared of being too open about yourself because you have felt vulnerable.
But this card says that YOU are an important channel for your message. Concentrate on your audience who needs your help.
What do they need from you?
Inspiration, advice, understanding or a role model?
What is it that you alone can show the world right now?
When limiting thoughts come up such as:

-          I can’t speak in public

-          I’m not ready

-          Others are better qualified than I am…

Remember that this is not about you. It is about being of service to the world. Taking the emphasis off you and putting it on helping, opens up possibilities you would never have dreamed of.  Go on this adventure, you don’t need to know where it leads. Be open.

Bron: Life Mission Keys Daily Guidance Cards,Locks and Blocks Cards en Conscious Business Manager Cards, deze kaarten zijn gecreeerd door Henriette Hackenberg