27. feb, 2017

New Moon in Pisces

The New Moon of February 26th falls on the Eclipse in Pisces conjunct Neptune. This enhances the Pisces theme: detachment, dissolve, vague, misty and mystique. It is hard to get a grip on things, it just happens. It is like sitting in a café with music and people around you. Maybe you had a little bit too much to drink. But you feel save and you merge into the buzz. Later when you get out on the street you suddenly are aware of reality.

Eclips: Beginning and end of a cycle

An eclips means the end and the beginning of a cycle. When something doesn’t contribute to your spiritual growth it will disappear from your live. This can be a great shock for you. But it also can be a great expansion of consciousness and then everything falls into place.

This eclipse falls on the South node which means Completion and Chiron in Pisces means letting go of something essential in your live as a step towards a new beginning. The Virgo-Pisces theme is about illness, health, sacrifice, work and servitude.

Letting go

This period gives you the opportunity to let go of everything that is not serving you anymore. Behavior patterns, outdated norms and values. Maybe you are ready for a new job, change of house, studies, new relationship. Anyone who hasn’t been realistic will be awake with a shock. Use the energy of this New Moon to help you to receive higher insights. You are much more sensitive than usual.

Spiritual path

It is time to follow your spiritual path , if you haven’t done that yet.Cool

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13. feb, 2017

“Creating a better world by living a simpler, purer and genuine lifestyle”.

In the coldest month of the year there is on 11th of February Full Moon “Ice Moon”. Theme of this Full Moon is: Purification and Profundity. Moon is in Leo, he is the King and wants attention, plays drama. Sun is in Aquarius, she wants freedom, move everything that is stuck, from relationships to the daily rut. Seeks challenges and authenticity. Leo is connected to the Self and the Ego, Aquarius is looking for the benefit of the whole world.


Opening of a new Gateway

Together with the Full Moon there is a Moon Eclips. This gives an opening to a new Awareness. What is it that you want to let go of and what do you want to welcome into your life. Find inner Peace and look for preparations necessary to realize new plans. A firm base is necessary to reach your goals. Inner depth is more important than hurry at the moment. You can ask yourself what is bothering me? What can I do to  find more balance in my life? Is there still something deep down in me that needs attention?

What do you want to do to contribute to a Better World?

Present Energies and what to do with them

Twice a Month I do a Card Reading to clarify present energies so that you know what to do with them. I use the Moon as a guide line because the energies are the strongest around New and Full Moon.  

Questions of the Full Moon of February 11th are: 

  1. What is going on at the moment?

  2. What should I avoid?

  3. Which steps are best for me to take in my business?

for the answers see: Huidige Energieen




 1. What is going on at the moment?


You may have had a time of listening to others and accepting their opinions as your own. Maybe you admired a person, a project or a way of life that was designed by other people. 
This card tells you that while it is great to be inspired by others, it is time to listen to yourself. 
Take a step back from the hustle and bustle of the busy world and go inside. Identify your own thoughts, feelings and values. Give them some loving attention and know that these form the compass of your life that will take you to the destination you seek. 
Once you know what is truly important to you, it is easier to stand up for your beliefs. You are a unique being with an important message to share with the world. It is time to trust yourself and show your true colours. 

Look for your own deeper meaning in Life.
Gather experiences and breathe Joy and Fulfilment.

2.What should I avoid?


Tok, tok, tok- that hollow sound when somebody taps upon your shell. Where are you? The Empty Shell comes to tell you that you are now focusing too much of your energy on your Outside and not enough on your Inside. In other words, you may be concerned with looks, status and material goods at this time, but that is not where you will find the answer to your question. In order to move forward, you need to work on your inner growth- mentally, emotionally or spiritually. This is a time to create substance in your inner being. You may do so by studying, listening to your feelings or taking up meditation and prayer. Let yourself be filled up by the riches of your inner world. And trust that your journey inside will show you which steps to take when you come back to the outside world. 

Words of the Day: INNER GROWTH

3. Which steps are best for me to take in my business?


The best advertising you can get is ‘word of mouth’. When satisfied customers recommend your service to their friends it is worth more than any marketing you could ever come up with.
For someone who is new to your work, the most convincing selling point is social proof where someone they can identify with explains how you have changed their life.
It is time to use client testimonials to build your business. 
Ask your clients to write a review, record a video testimonial or mention your product in their blog. You could even establish a reference client who can be contacted by interested prospects. 
It may feel awkward to ask for favours, but there are many ways of doing this. Offer your clients a bonus, a discount, exposure for their own business or simply your gratitude. 
You would be amazed how happy people are to share their experience, knowing this helps you grow your business.